Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stick's Picks

Audio: "Indestructible," by Disturbed

The Stickness: This album is good stuff. It makes me think of Dream Theatre if DT had any aptitude for songwriting. To be fair, DT's "A Change of Seasons" is one of my all-time favorite tunes, but the rest of their songs ... not so much. Disturbed doesn't reach the heights of instrumental mastery that Dream Theater possesses, but really, how many people on this entire planet can match technical wizardry with DT, anyway? Never the less, I have little time for virtuosic wankery if the songs aren't any good, so Disturbed wins against Dream Theatre.

Maybe a better comparison would be saying that Disturbed is like a heavier version of Queensryche before the Q went all loopy on us.

The current single from "Indestructible." "Inside The Fire," is particularly baddass.


The Stickness: Admittedly this video podcast is very US-centric, but that makes it no less interesting. The chick that puts this thing together goes out onto the streets to interview folks about their takes on various topics. Always interesting and occasionally quite insightful. And, let's face it, if something is going on in the States, you can be pretty sure it will have some sort of bleed-over into Canada, so you should at least check it out.

Textuo: Edward Osborne Wilson

The Stickness: Check his entry in Wikipedia. I saw a recent program about this guy and it kinda blew me away. Originally, he became the foremost authority on ants, and in particular, the social and behavioral aspects of ant colonies. Since then he has branched out, applying his knowledge to other systems of creatures, some of his studies being about mass extinction. If you are the sort that concerns themselves about where our crazy species is headed, you really need to give this guy's work a look-see.

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